Beer, Marijuana and Fraction Radicals

Posted: July 3, 2011 by ech13 in Random

Seriously, who thought of that?  “oh let’s make a 1/2 power and have you solve for x”  it’s ridiculous, however it’s a great way to get your brain working.  so far through my mathcapades i have not as so much stumbled on any material (save for maybe long division…fucking hate that shit)  but this almost had me stumped.  when you have a big ol’ number like let’s say….34854  and you put that to the negative 1/2 power and then you have another big ass number like…908345 and put that to the -1/2 power, it gets a little old.  and the whole thing of it becoming a complex fraction and solving and bla bla bla, it’s like “ok we’re done here”  1 sheet of paper per problem is starting to become  a hazard.  I think math is going to be the end of our world because we waste so damn much paper on solving equations that we will never use in real life.  excuse my ranting but damn.  math blows sometimes.

  1. lunaloli13 says:

    I’m not fond of math either, which is a shame because I’m into the sciences like Astronomy and Physics which use math a lot. My brain just can’t do math, though, no matter how hard I try. Yep. Math’s a bitch. I choose to leave it alone and let the smart people mess with it.

  2. ech13 says:

    But when it comes to math however, you can think of it like a puzzle. It’s kinda like those really really hard Legend of Zelda puzzles that you just wanna throw your controller into the tv but you feel so happy and relieved (also known as the epic win feeling) that you figured it out all on your own. The same theory can be related to math problems. Only thing is…they don’t ever seem to stop or lighten up at all and that’s the only thing tha tkinda blows. And when it comes to physics *exasperated sigh* I miss it oh so much 😦

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