Profanely Powered (Episode 3)

Posted: July 6, 2011 by luzob in Random

If this takes awhile to transfer through, it is because I had to create another channel, but this should be a rarity.

Greetings to those who can actually read this. Good tidings to those who have some issue getting these transcripts, and my apologies to those who cannot follow.

One slight clarification I will give out is the last few sentences of my previous transmission, is that I, at a pre-determined time every night, am administered a very powerful Neuro-Inhibitor Dosage concoction, or NID, said to give me the ability to “rest my mind, and accomplish a sleep-like brainstate” as the Administrative Doctor, or Addoc, says upon Orientation. It is humorous, that I talk about the Orientation, which was the first day I came here, due to the fact that the NID they give me gives me quite the disorientation. They say it puts me to “sleep,” but I know it’s so the Sweeps, or janitorial crew, can do their trivial dusting and polishing of my room, so that this veritable rat cage doesn’t become too unsanitary. Usually I make a goal to finish what I have to say before the drugs become active, but not knowing the hour of the day (more on that another time) can become problematic for this purpose. If my words cut off abruptly, then either this channel is compromised (which is highly unlikely, and more upon that some other time as well) or I am too dosed for comprehension.

In the recent entry I recall (which is difficult) mentioning my newest name (i.e. Suggestive) used to describe my Power. I now have accumulated enough informative knowledge to know there are other names for the different Power archetypes/classifications/labels I have come to become acquainted. I believe a wonderful list is to suffice:

  • Suggestives: Individuals whom use specific brainwaves to harness the deeper psyche of another as a weapon against their victim. Small feats such as minor suggestions (ex: asking a small favor deemed usually inappropriate) or reading the subtle expressions one unknowingly gives off daily are simple and can be performed with ease. Heavy-magnitude operations such as suggesting violence against a close cohort or mass thought distortion can become quite taxing and could result in minor brain damage or coma.
  • Elemeno: Those who have a form of control over elemental force. Their name begets the infantile nature they are usually afflicted with, mostly because “l, m, n, o” is the highest they can learn of the Alphabet, so they became to be known as the Elemeno. Depending upon the current outburst of emotion a Elemeno can have differing abilities. In most cases anger relates to fiery bursts, sadness begins a deluge of water, fear induces tornadic activity and joy brings about the dramatic growth of life (usually flora) around them.
  • Stalwarts: The complete opposite of my Power, these heavily-built bestial fellows are a product of genetic preference and sheer indomitable willpower to become stronger. Usually these individuals begin innately with two abilities, one physical and the other mental. The former is a lack of Myostatin, which is the protein that inhibits muscular overgrowth, and is the reason for their excessive musculature. The latter is a constant mental drive to increase one’s strength. The combination of the two thus give the Stalwarts non-Norm size and strength. Any Stalwart that is unable to perform by various means (some work out constantly, others will dance, run, etc.) will have fits of unnatural rage at either themselves (suicide is common) or others (as is homicide).
  • Vems: Everyone can be angry at times, and the expression of this rage is quite natural for most, but not in the way the Vems do. Vem, being short for Vehement, is a Power of complete vociferous hated. Many years ago, before Power even existed, science determined that the concept of “holding in” anger was false, and that “letting off steam” not only was unhelpful, but could become an excuse for future violence. Vems actually destroy known fact with the ability to collect any slight against them and dispense, at will, powerful vocal attacks that can not only damage others’ hearing, but can create the concussive force to shatter solid surfaces (you won’t see any windows around their section) or completely ravage the inner workings of living beings. How these cacophonous barrages can be created with little to no damage to the individual is still unknown.
  • Dupes: These “people,” as I use the term loosely, can copy certain things to varying degrees. This vague definition is due to the fact that these individuals are actually an umbrella term for several Power sub-groups. The Fifth Level (more on this system later) or lowest are those who can emulate nearly any sound they hear, but most of them are delegated to mere novelty, thus they are not usually in A2P2 (which I heard some of the room-mates call this facility). First Level Dupes are apparently frightening persons that can not only modify their vocal capabilities but also change their physical appearance to that of a doppelganger- esque being. This Power usually has limited ability in terms of time, but if a Dupe can become a completely different person for even a few minutes, havoc may ensue for hours.
  • Zappers: Have you ever had contact with another in a dry room and got an unnerving shock? Imagine this feeling, but intensified by millions. With an immensely high metallic content within their bloodstream, and paired with an abnormal amount of electric activity from their brains, Zappers tend to think, speak, move, and attack quickly. Commonly more obsessive in personality, they strive for efficiency in every endeavor. The faster things can be performed, the calmer they stay. If idled for even the briefest moment, a Zapper can build a change within their bodies that can become potentially lethal to themselves. To alleviate this a Zapper may discharge their excess to devastating effect.

So far these are the Powers I have heard of, come across, and duly noted. Rumors are abound as to other Powers and they will be noted as encountered. At one point I had overheard the term Whisper, but as the name suggests is kept rather secret, and no other information is available to me.

I suppose a closing should be appropriate at this time, but a quick ending will have to do, for I hear footsteps.



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