Updates on Various Projects

Posted: July 9, 2011 by fischfail in Random, Updates
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Post Apocolypse

Image by Blind Owl Underground via Flickr

So this post is an update on the various projects that I am either working on or a part of.

I’m addicted to your mom:  So I know I haven’t mentioned much about this project (and I won’t until it is complete), but the project is going really well so far. I’ve started collaborating with Luz and ErinLovesTheWeb, and I am looking forward to working with Ech13 on the project. Unfortunately with Drezirale still AWOL, I have no clue if he will be apart of this project or not.

Project Radio: Mine and Luz’s side pet-project. Not too much has been revealed to anyone (other than us two, regarding this one), but the other members of Fisch Fail, INC and those closest to use (i.e. those we live with), know a bit. Unfortunately, we are currently taking a small hiatus to work on other things.

AYCOoB: Much like Project Radio, AYCOoB is currently on hiatus. The sad part about AYCOoB being on hold is the fact that you all know so much about it. Perhaps later this week I will resume work there. I have a lot of stuff that is ready to be posted, I just have to find it all now.

Operation Fisch Fail, INC: This is not so much an official project as a collection of smaller projects. Operation Fisch Fail, INC consists of all the things I want to happen for FFI in the near future. These have all been discussed in great detail in the past, if you don’t know what I mean, feel free to browse through older entries until you do.

I think that is all the projects I am currently associated with, although I could be missing a few. Perhaps the other authors and even you guys could remind me?



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