A trip down memory lane.

Posted: July 11, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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So, you fuckers know how I’ve talked about my former blogging habits on many occasions?

Well, today I bring you one of my oldest best received posts. With an intro from LuzOb, himself.

“Fuck you man, you’ve got a lot of fucking growing up to do… I mean you don’t give a shit about anyone except your own fucking self… It must be nice to just be able to only care about yourself and treat all your friends like shit… I mean to be able to sit there and bitch to all your friends when you have a problem and then ignore them with they have a problem… That’s really fucking childish, and it really needs to be taken care of before we can continue being friends…” ~LuzOb to me.

I guess I got that all worked out, huh? So without further wait, here it is.

This is all completely me, not to be confused with this…

More fun ways to try if all else fails…

10. Power Sander to the face:

What you need: power sander…

What you do: Take a power sander; plug it in. Turn it on; hold it to your face… Continue holding it there until your face is bleeding… At this point, you should be in a lot of fucking pain… This is good… That’s what you want… Now just continue holding it there until you pass out from the pain… After you wake up, you will notice that your face and all the muscles are burned away… this is perfect, Now pick up the sander and continue where you left off, before you know it, you will be grinding your way through your cranium… GREAT! Soon, you will be at the brain… Once you get here, it’s basically over… First you will become completely retarded… Continue on for a short while and you will hit the base of the brain… Get past that and you’re gone buddy…

Awesomeness: 8.5
Messiness: 10
Effectiveness: 5.2 (face it, not all you people would be able to handle it.)
“Manliness:” 6


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  1. luzob says:

    Holy fucking hell… man… nostalgia-ing hardcore. Also if you’re spreading a disease to the world make sure someone gets to Madagascar before they shit down their only seaport…

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