In a Time When Men Knew the Meaning of Fear

Posted: July 12, 2011 by luzob in Random

With a new sobering day come the realization that I am not getting any damn younger. Here I speak of Gaming, Mead, Drums, Psychopaths, and every topic under the sun, but today as I sit in the computer center of my college I think deeply upon the subjects rarely touched upon within this blog. I figured out, with many hoops to jump through, that I may be able to graduate by the end of this year. When I left high school in 2004 going into college was the last thing on my mind. “I’ll do it later, I want a break” ran through my mind many times, and that break was about 5 years long. Finally in school, I already had felt better about myself, and though a slight change of plans slightly slowed my pace, the fact that this college may be behind me is a fact both exciting and terrifying.

Another issue is the fact that I at times am a very double plus ungood person when I imbibe. These rare un-Luz-like occasions are still far too common for me to be comfortable, and plenty of self-reflection and meditation is long overdue. While I am not jumping off the FFI wagon again any time soon, I may take a non-internet week to myself for the purposes previously stated. If this occurs, rest assured you will all be the first to know and I will report any and all findings to our faithful (and wonderful) readers and authors. I promise you that these types of posts will most likely become few and far in between… but honestly I am just utterly miserable with my life. Maybe it’s pre-grad jitters? or the anxiety I’ve been dealing with for years, but something has to change and I am the only one that can.

I really appreciate you all for helping me through the rougher patches in my life. Even looking at the little bargraph that tells me how many people are looking at this brightens my day. Thank you all very much, and I’m off to class.

One last note: ever notice how young, screaming children sound suspiciously like squealing pigs from far off the distance? Just noting that lil fact…



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