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Posted: July 14, 2011 by drezirale in Religion
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So lets touch on a serious subject– I know rare for me right? The topic is religion. I started thinking about this a while back. Not a whole lot of people in this world really know that much when it comes to their beliefs. Not to rag specifically on Christians, but it seems some of you folk seem to know the least in what you believe. Now, I have nothing against your beliefs, there are even some of you have presented me with valid arguments, and dare I say put me in my place. I love that more than anything. I don’t often like to be wrong, in fact I hate it a lot. Though when it comes to religion it brings me great joy to be proven wrong. You know why? Because it means you know your shit.

A while back when I was in high school. I was talking of the three earth based religions. When someone stopped me right in the middle to say “What about Christianity.” To which I replied. “It’s not an earth based religion.” Needless to say this highly offended the person. Their argument was we are on earth and Christianity was the religion of the world. I then informed them that earth based is worship of elements, animals, and other such spirits. Which then made them say. “But God made these things, so Christianity is earth based.” Still not seeing my point I dismissed this conversation. I’m willing to accept Christianity being the most widespread religion… However, it’s not the one ring to rule them all, so to speak. Much like it’s not the oldest in the world either.

Christianity only dates back to Jesus and his disciples. Before that it was Judaism. The old testament is parts of the Tanaka. Not even the whole thing either, just the parts convenient for the religion in it’s time period. Even during the crusades the bible constantly had things taken out and put in to fit the needs of those who were doing “God’s Work.”  Even Judaism has less of a recorded history than most. By that I don’t mean things happened before Genesis, I mean there are less things from the past of these recordings. No one was around for the big bang. According to the bible God didn’t even make ma until the fifth day. So who knows, there could of been some whack job making shit up in the bible ages and mass produced it as a religion. Look at Scientology, prime example right there.

Another factor would be, humanity as a whole has increased our worldly knowledge so much that common sense would now dictate, lightning plus tree equals fire. As apposed to the then, burning bush miracle. Again, not to pick specifically on this religion, I wasn’t there I don’t know. I’m merely presenting a different plausible outcome. I’m sure every religion has things like these. However, I have only studied a few religions, and only read the Christian bible cover to cover twice. I’d like to say I have a particular religion but I really don’t know enough about any of them to make a true commitment.

There have been points in my life where I have been shown what is what. I was once arguing Mono-theistic vs Poly-theistic. When someone brought about the idea Christianity was Poly, due to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit aspect of things. I presented the argument of the trinity and God being the creator of all these things making it a Mono. To my surprise began comparing Christianity to other Polys such as Athenian, and even Asatru. God x Odin x Zues, Jesus x Thor x Hercules, Lucifer x Loki x Hades. Relation seemed to vary but the outcome for the most part remained unchanged. Not, only that but there are scores of other beings in the Christian religion that seen as icons. Mary, Micheal, Raphael, and Gabriel to name a few. This same person then presented devil worship as a form of the religion as well. Where one can worship say, Loki and you still can be Asatru, all the beings are still there and you still believe in them you just choose to worship the evil end of things. This actually amazed me.

Then again who is really to say what’s good and evil. It’s all on the matter of who’s old or new writings you happen to agree with. It’s personal choice. I have nothing wrong with the choice, I just ask you at least know why. I have asked that question so many times. The most popular one was “It’s the right way.” I have gotten the best answer, “It’s what I like.” but it’s very rare.  You could make up a god tomorrow and name him Billy Bob God Of Corn Cobs. I guarantee you will know more about him than most will know of their own religion. Including myself.


  1. luzob says:

    All Hail Billy Bob, with the bones of his maizen children! Seriously though, Odin has very close parallels to Jesus, having been speared through the side, left to perish, and become reborn with greater wisdom. This is a very rare but refreshing post from you, Mr. Drez.

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