Secret agent man…

Posted: July 16, 2011 by drezirale in Drugs, Employment, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, INC., Life, Nerd, Poop, Random, Security, Technology, WTF
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I love it when people call Fisch Fail, Mr. Fail. It makes me chuckle a tad. Here’s why, when I hear that, I get the image he’s a super spy like the well known British one. One particular scene that keeps popping into my head is when he’s captured by the villain and they are force feeding him laxatives.

Fisch: Do expect me to talk?

Villain: No, Mr. Fail… I expect you… to poop!


  1. Speaking of pooping, I had a fucking race against the clock today. Fucking time trials, expert mode if you know what I mean.

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