A Battle of Wits

Posted: July 19, 2011 by luzob in Random
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They approach… with gaping mouths lined with sanguine-coated teeth and grasping hands, grabbing for anything…

…grabbing for me.

I’m in my home, and my last line of defense. I’m alone, but at the same time I have friends.

…These friends will save me.

Born from the benevolent rays of the sun, the earth their womb, my friends will smite the ravenous hordes.

…But only if I protect them as well.

I use their lives to protect my own, the frontlines never giving way until consumed by our attackers. I shed a small tear for them, but they knew what was in the contract.

Soon an alarm gives way, and it indicates one last concentrated effort on the undead’s part to overtake my beautiful abode. One last card beneath my sleeve, and a massive explosion rocks the entirety of their attack. I survive, but my friends are used and quickly discarded, to be replaced the next day as another onslaught ensues.

rest in peace, my friend



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