Brain fart

Posted: July 21, 2011 by ech13 in Random
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Yep, that’s what happens when you try to write out a witty title, followed by something of relevance. Frain Bart.  It’s the most absurd thing that can possibly happen when you are sitting at a computer, a blinking cursor in your face and you feel the need to type something, but have absolutely no idea what to type about.  Just about done w/ the Spring/Summer Semester at this lovely college (lovely only because of the air conditioning)  and I’m patiently awaiting the fall semester where i’m taking 2x more classes, working my job (which i am getting promoted to supervisor) and working on a certification to become a blood draw technician.  Maybe that’s why I have no idea what to write about however, it being due to the lack of time I have to just think.  If it’s not work it’s school, if it’s not school then it’s work.  Blah blah blah buttsex.

300th post.  I win guise!!!!  Congrats to luzob, fischfail and erinlovestheweb for keeping this blog thingy strong and hopefully it will grow to an obscenely large size

With love, beer and tacos



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