A Dand New Bray!

Posted: July 25, 2011 by luzob in Random

So this is a first for me, but not the first of it’s occurrence. My “main squeeze,” so to speak, is usually not mentioned on this blog, mostly for conflict of interest issues, but this is different.

She has, at times, very interesting sleeping habits, one of the most entertaining is sleep-talking. Half the damn time when she’s speaking complete hilarious nonsense I scare her awake with my laughter. Normally I just fall asleep afterward, but

tonight is different, so (with her permission) I will attempt to

transcribe. Also, her name is Weakening Elms, for no apparent reason.

WE: “leurrr~”

Me: “what babe?”

WE: “le-e-burr…”

Me: “w-what?”

WE: (quite clearly) “Lesbians…”

Me: “what?!?”

WE: “Lesbians!”

Me: “What about them?”

WE: (matter-of-factly) “They’re filling it up…”

Me: “Filling what up?”

WE: “Nu~uns…”

Me: “Filling what up??”

WE: “…noodles.”


So in closing:

…fills up the

(FischFailInc. has never been affiliated with homophobic or noodlephobic agenda of any sort.)



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