I think I said that I am back

Posted: July 26, 2011 by fischfail in Random

But I just wanted to remind everyone that I am in fact back, although in a lot of pain at the moment. My back is acting up again, and is actually quite bad. I’m hoping to get it taken care of very soon.

Ever want to leave us a specific comment, but didn’t know where to put it, or you couldn’t find that post that gave you an idea? Ever wanted to get something off your chest about Fisch Fail, INC., but there was never an appropriate place to do so? Well my friends, that is what the Fisch Fail, INC official forum (at the personal request of many of you) is for, it can be found at http://fischfail.forumotion.com/ or by clicking a link on the left side of your screen. And while you are over there, take some time to time to donate to us. I was reading through some older entries, and noticed some advertisements.

Fisch Fail, INC has never wanted to include ad’s on our blog, and we are still hoping to move to a platform where the only advertisements you guys will see, are the one’s we want you to see.

But for now, goodnight you guys,

  1. eldwardo says:

    I love me some forum talking.

  2. eldwardo says:

    “You cannot reply to topics in this forum”
    “Sorry, but only administrators can reply to posts in this forum.”

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