And the sky came tumbling down.

Posted: July 28, 2011 by fischfail in WTF

Image by Aubrey Arenas via Flickr

Generally, I am all for storms. I think they are absolutely beautiful sounding. They help me relax, I sleep better, I feel better. They are wonderful. The best sound produced by rainfall is the sound of rain falling into water. The light splashing noise, the subtle “bloop” noise. The small ripple that spread from this single point of contact. It is amazing.

So, when it started raining today, I was excited, I knew it was going to be a good night. I would get some great sleep, enjoy the nice mellow sounds of rain hitting the roof and ground. I was looking forward to it raining tonight.



You know, I was expecting this:

I will let you take that in for a few minutes…


Instead, I got an argument of the gods!  There I was asleep, curled up and dreaming like a kitty high on cat-nip. When suddenly I am violently ripped from my sleep by the sound of mortars hitting the ground. It’s fucking d-day in my backyard.

I am confused, half asleep, haggardly breathing. And then I see a flash of light, blinding and beautiful all at once. And suddenly, more mortar shells. I’m thinking to myself, “This is it, this is how fischfail dies. Who the fuck is bombing my little town? And couldn’t they have at least waited until I was awake?”

No, no they could not, for the gods wait for no one. We had apparently pissed them off, and they decided it was time to rip the Earth to pieces and kill its inhabitants for destroying it.

I think they have called a temporary treaty, time to attempt to sleep once again.



  1. On top of the sounds, we were treated to the ultimate light show. At one point I thought perhaps the night was the day. It was intense man.

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