Posted: July 28, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Seriously guys… if you look at our blog objectively, without even thinking about who posts or what it’s about… it actually looks like one of them there actual blogs. I am impressed.

Other things…

I finally got to drink a cup of tea… by a cup I mean an entire pot, but whatever. The tea I’ve enjoyed this morning was a mix of Wild Rose White and Almond Amaretto Green from Fava Tea. I used to be a Teavana only fan, but the loss of my most favorite flavor, Rose Marzipan Delight, bummed me out for quite awhile. I actually still have a very small bit of it, maybe the last in the world, growing old and flavorless on my shelf. A few months rolled around since the loss of my most beloved type of tea (perhaps my most beloved beverage of all…), and I thought all was lost, until my birthday rolled around. Two of my best friends; Paracit (who has been MIA from her blog since February) and Bexhet (who needs a blog here) decided to get creative (as they always tend to be) at Fava Tea and created their very own re-imagining of my old friend. While Rose Marzipan was a very strong-willed brew that could take a beating, due to it’s black tea base, the new combo was a subtle but loving mix of green and white teas, and required a little more love to achieve a true brew zenith. Allowing the boiling water to rest for a spell before steeping created a spirited flavor that, while could never overtake it’s predecessor, would become a cup I could love just as equally.

Now, as a disclaimer to our readers, or perhaps a tool to keep myself grounded; I will tell you all this talk of exotic loose leaf teas, aromatic Turkish pipe tobaccos, and complex alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean FFI is becoming all snobbish and high-class. We’re just men (and one woman) who know what we like, and enjoy what precious life we have. Honestly, a diversion from shit posts (literal and figurative) is rather refreshing, if not for our readers, at least for me. To show how “classy” I can be: I’m sitting here, listening to the storm powering downward, with a rocks glass of spiced rum… in my boxers… with a jar of salsa next to me, that I am enjoying with only the finest smashed taco shells because I have no actual chips… Yep, fucking laah~dee~…derp-

Updates! ProPow should be getting another installment soon, but for now I will cut this short, as the power (I mean actual electrical power) is threatening to fail me, and I don’t wish to redo this whole damn thing.

Have a good night, everyone.


  1. luzob says:

    I think one of these days I’ll snap some shots of my tea set (yeah, I’m extra manly like that) and show off a lil.

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