So this is me in the flesh, not a moon pie.

Posted: July 30, 2011 by MoonPie in Anger, Drugs, Family, Fisch Fail, Humor, Life, Personal, Poop

Whats up with people nowadays? No one is ever nice and considerate of others. So why should I be as well. People who know me have known me for my caring for others and putting others first before myself.

So why do I let people use my kindness as a weakness in their games of toying with my mind? My mind is huge and is not to be toyed with for too long.

So after repeatedly having my mind phucked with, I have officially decided to no longer allow these people to wreak havoc on my fragile mind.

Now I am officially an ass hole!!!

Of course except for the friends that have always and will continue to be there for me..

Thanks for listening to my ranting!

  1. luzob says:

    My life story, Mr. Pie. Have a belated welcome from me as well.

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