Smoking and thinkin

Posted: July 31, 2011 by MoonPie in Anger, Entertainment, Family, Fisch Fail, Health, Life, Personal, Pictures, Poop, Writing, WTF




What better way to relax than to sit by the river.
The sounds of children’s laughter in the background.
The poor old guy who has been fishing all day finally catches one and is filled with joy.
The seagulls, them annoying ass birds with their annoying ass songs they holler as they fly. At the same time avoiding their droppings you see flop besides you!
Ahhh its nice to just relax and take my mind off things.
Just then you turn your head enjoying the sites to see a factory right next to the park off the river

why does Mary Jane sooth the mind?

mix it with some cognac on ice and call it a very good night

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