How the hell do you do that?

It is what most people would say if you asked them off the street randomly. That’s not a proven fact but it’s what I have heard when I asked the question to random people or even who I know personally.

Some have said “Well all you need is an anti-virus” Well durr!!!

FFS people then why do you still get viruses when you have an anti-virus program installed already?

Securing your computer takes a lot more than paying a yearly subscription to a vendor that is  supposed to be “protecting” you. When I say vendor I refer to MacAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, all of which are popular anti-virus software’s. Hell even the open-source (meaning free) software can protect you just as good.

The bottom line people:




your computer



starts with




I know I may get some slack for this but it’s true.

 If you educate your mind about the dangers of the net then you can protect your pc from viruses and malicious software by not visiting sites such as porn or well you know then kinds of web sites.

Not downloading from trusted sources is another huge headache which I’ve ran into a few times. It’s not hard being more conscientious of the dangers of the web.

The internet is full of interesting things and places you can see, you can even ask Google a question and it phuckin gives you an answer…..

It’s really not that difficult!

  1. MoonPie says:

    Man nobody can even feel me on this? Mr. Fail of all people should know this as well

  2. luzob says:

    Yes, we agree… but I can tell you that every other author here most likely sees more pornographic imagery on the internet than anything else. Hell… probably see more than seeing their own family’s faces… Problem is that no one wants to admit it.

  3. eldwardo says:

    It’s kinda funny but I just removed a virus from my computer not more than an hour ago.
    Then I read this post. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER!

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