We Are Gathered Here…

Posted: August 2, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Image by bugmonkey via Flickr

So I’m officially back, and happy to be as well.

Now for some seriousness…

RIP to every blog that will never be posted upon ever again…

I was recently stumbling and came across a Steampunk-esque blog that was wordpress-based created by a historian with Harvard cred. It was a cute blurb about linguistics and was entertaining, so I th0ught I may as well look to his main page.

…He gave up upon the blog on December of 2010…

It was so very unfortunate that the blog died before I could even begin to enjoy it’s content. I “liked” it, but did not real further than the Stumbled entry and the final one, due to the fact that it would be like reading about a wonderful person, getting into their imaginative work, wanting to read more of said work, but realizing their final work was their own epitaph.

Dear bloggers of the universe: someone out there loves your writing, no matter whom. Never give up until you cannot type another meaningful passage, because your biggest fan may not even know you have yet to exist.

Finally, I will not post a link to the dead blog, due to the fact that I do not wish the same disappointment upon anyone else.


  1. MoonPie says:

    I feel ya!

  2. luzob says:

    Thanks for your support, Mr. Pie.

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