Have you ever?

Posted: August 8, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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Scream Cropped

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Have you ever been so frustrated, so annoyed…. So angry, that you wanted to climb to the top of the tallest structure in the region and just scream? Scream until you have no voice left, to that magical point when your throat runs raw, your vocal cords over-taxed? To that point when all you can do is scream some more, and eventually throw up?

Have you ever needed to just sit some place quiet, just relax, and free your mind?

I’m not saying that my life is bad, I’m not saying anything like that at all.  But everyone gets stressed, and I have reached that point of stress when nothing in life seems to work. When everything seems to make everything worse.

School is coming to an end for the term, my life is on the verge of dramatically changing, and finances are a bit taxed. It’s just stressful, and I know that if I do not adjust soon, things will just get worse.

On the plus side however, if I continue to stay positive, things can only improve for my life.

I still have some posts and surprises in the works, and they should be made soon, I’ve just been so busy and stressed, I haven’t had the time.


  1. MoonPie says:

    I feel ya bro!!!

  2. Breeish says:

    Ususally I don’t want to scream, I have the bad urge to harm everything around me and myself. T_T

  3. MoonPie says:

    I sent you a few?

  4. luzob says:

    Nothing like a good cup of high-quality tea and a good pipe smoke for the nerves and angst. I find myself always looking for less and less destructive means to unwind my anxieties, and I think I can help you, bro.

  5. luzob says:

    The hell with health lol we’re talking hybrid fat food here!

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