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Posted: August 10, 2011 by fischfail in Random

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I hereby give you all permission to yell at our other authors until they provide some sort of bio for you guys to read and laugh at. It’s okay that you laugh, especially at me, that is half the fun. I mean, hell, I laugh at myself.


And if I couldn’t laugh at myself, I wouldn’t have the self-given right to laugh at all of you whenever I want to.


Just kidding, I actually love you guys.

But, seriously though, you guys can yell at the other authors for not doing their job.


On another side note, I should personally be returning with real thing very soon. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, with school, work, and some personal demons. LuzOb should be making a nice post either tonight, or even tomorrow. Drezirale is possibly M.I.A, or something again, I’m not exactly sure. Moon Pie may be making a post fairly soon, I’m sure he has something on his plate. ErinLovesTheWeb will return at some point, she’s had more shit to deal with than I have. Ech13 is out of contact, and I have no clue when that status will change, however, they do have something in the works. I know I’ve seen it…  Eldwardo is also out of contact, so his “joining” of Fisch Fail, INC, is going to have to be postponed a little while longer…


Seriously, yell at the authors! I’ve tried, and they just throw cake at me… I’m tired of being the fat kid…


Please forgive my nonsense, I am exhausted, and my statement about the authors throwing cake at me would imply that they actually visit me. You can yell at them for that as well (not visiting me!).


Thank you.


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  1. That would imply that I have cake to throw. And that I haven’t eaten it. But I love cake too much to waste it on you sir.

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