Posted: August 12, 2011 by luzob in Random

We here at FFI attempt to bring our wondrous readers the highest quality in culture, topical humor, and up-to-date content found nowhere else! Oh wait… we don’t…

BUT I officially have a brand-spanking new banner for all of my posts. What do you think? Thank Mr. Fail himself for such amazingness. Every bit of this sexual graphic has very special meaning to the bo

th of us in many ways.

Firstly you will notice that the entirety is comprised of Runic and “runic” alphabet characters (more on the difference at another time) including the background. What was once thought of as a mere garble of runic blabble is actually the very first three paragraphs of Profanely Powered (I was surprised too). The leftmost character is Inguz (or Ingwaz, or just Ing etcetc) which means several different things, but personally to me is a symbol of putting effort in a project that is much bigger than I; in hope that this effort will be the start of a meaningful journey that will help me grow as a person. The rightmost symbol is Tyr (or Tiwaz, etcetc) and is the rune of the god of victory. Mostly Tyr was Fisch’s choice, which I find meaningful as well.

Closeup of the runic inscription found on the ...

Image via Wikipedia

I will be honest: my favorite colors are dark purple and black, that is why I have them… deal with it.

I am very happy to have this as a symbol for my presence on this site, and proud to know my best friend made this for me.

I suppose that is it for now, as I am tired.

  1. fischfail says:

    Also, MoonPie will have one after the weekend.

  2. fischfail says:

    Annnnnd, I will begin the back posting of your new and shiny graphic later today.

  3. drezirale says:

    WHAT THE SHIT!? You told me to do my own!

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