Do you know the MUFFIN MAN?

Posted: August 13, 2011 by MoonPie in Computers, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Humor, Personal, Random

So, this past Friday I went to Mr. Fail’s house. It was very nice indeed and very great view of the lake. I came over so we can discuss business and work on my signature that you see at the end of this writing.

It took a lot of beers amongst other things to figure out exactly what it is I am looking for in this signature. I provided my thoughts and insight, while Mr. Fail steadily worked his fingers on the keyboard to get the project done in time for this posting.

Many hours went into it and we finally finished the banner… well sort of! We went to smoke and came back in and the great and mighty Fail forgot to save the image…. POOF! An hour and a half’s worth of work gone in seconds….

 I knew it would never look the same as it did but the banner turned out great nonetheless!!

Bottom line is always, always, always save your work! It’s as easy as ctrl + s…. literally Mr. Fail!

Thanks Mr. Fail for all your hard work, hell ya did it twice lol

Any who let me know what you guys think about my new signature!




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(Note from fischfail, this is a temporary signature, until I am able to modify it as needed…)

  1. MoonPie says:

    Does anybody like the new signature?

  2. gabe says:

    that signature is pretty ugly lol. but i do know the murfin man

  3. luzob says:

    I think it’s pretty epic. I also find the fact that everyone calls Fisch Mr. Fail now hahaha.

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