Posted: August 20, 2011 by ErinLovesTheWeb in Entertainment, Humor, Life, Pictures, Poop, Random
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Have you ever been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that is going slower than an old lady with a walker can walk, only to find that the reason for the slow down was an accident? Yeah it sucks, but it really has very little to do with my post.

Unlike the other authors here at Fisch Fail Inc. I don’t really have a poop story to share with all of our avid readers. I have spent my days wishing and hoping that at some point a humorous poop situation would descend upon me as the angels sang and I would know that here and now, this is the ultimate story for our blog. But alas that moment has not come for me. So instead I will share with you something I have found on the internet:


This my friends is from www.Doodie.com. And this is by far the most tame of the images that I have seen. There are some sick motherfuckers out there on the interwebs. I have been nearly ill several times taking in these images, and yet like a car crash I cannot stop watching.

If you do choose to go to the site I warn you. It’s pretty darn gross. And until my perfect poop story comes to me this will be my poop contribution to Fisch Fail Inc.


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