Posted: August 20, 2011 by luzob in Random
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(a work of fiction in progress)

Dear Acacia,

These brief weeks are nothing short of eternities without the sunny glow of your smiling face. So far this war has been about as uneventful as any can be, and most of our days have been passing by with little excitement. These hours fall like so many petals on a dying flower, each one a testament both beautiful and melancholic. I grow weary from a state of constant alert, but the hope of hearing your voice drives me to new strength. I really do hope that they figure out the                                               so you can hear my voice sometime soon. Right now the closest thing to action we’ve encounter was a                                                                but we’re all safe for now. Remember: just worry about getting through school like the smart girl you’ve always been. I’m so happy to have a love like you in my life, and as soon as I do my duty here I will have you in my arms forever and ever. Hold on, Acacia and we will be together again. I have to keep this short in order for it to be shipped with the rest of the mail. I will keep sending my love to you as often as I can.

So with Love and Devotion,



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