System Configuration data failure!! BYE BYE!!! HEE HEE

Posted: August 25, 2011 by MoonPie in Anger, Computers, Drugs, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Humor, Technology
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HA! Laptops… Ya got to love ‘em

This is one is really bothering me.

Gateway M-Series very nice style comes installed with Vista eeek!

Keeps getting a double beep at start-up…. System config data failure… Crap

Cmos is fine it’s holding time, Repartitioned partitions that have already been partitioned quite a few times already… some say there’s no disk…. I ran western digital diagnostic on the drive it’s excellent. I installed XP on it….. But Windows 7 say the hard drive is invisible pfffft.

I’m done with this for now all the beep beeps are getting stuck in my head, I’m going to show this laptop who is boss… (BOOM..Sounds of plastic shattering from the Frisbee like throw as the laptop explodes upon impact)

Hmmhaaa! Much better now!

A frisbee made by Wham-O.

Image via Wikipedia


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