Something Has Been Bugging Me

Posted: August 26, 2011 by luzob in Random
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head of a carpenter bee showing the compound e...

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…and what’s bugging me…

is bugs.

Harhar… I know lame title, but seriously I’ve been thinking about them for awhile now.

I’ve taken pics of them (more on that for a different post).

I’ve been thinking of an insect-based MMORPG.

and today I was face-to-face with my little six/eight-legged friends.

Drez and I were walking back from our college campus to his car, and I noticed an abnormal amount of webbing on the ledges of the windows. I peered inside one of the many hodgepodges of silken thread, dead insects and random debris, thinking that the Black Widow Spider may have made a resurgence in SE Michigan. A seemingly void screw hole was in the center, and the inner exploratory 11-year-old boy decided it was a good idea to BLOW into this crevice. Lo and behold a apeshit Wolf or Grass Spider leaps out, realizes that I am NOT a tasty morsel beasty and beat a hasty retreat in the blink of an eye. My reaction of “ah-FUCK!” probably didn’t help much. Onward we went, and the gears were already turning in my mind.

“I wonder if they have made an insect-based MMORPG?” I blurted at random to no one in particular, and then the ideas came.

I will save you the details (for tldr reasons and because I may even try to develop the idea) but basically a class-based bug game would be epic.

As Drez and I get home we discover that the Butterfly Bush in front of the house is teeming with insect life. Up to a dozen flying bugs were making their rounds to the delicately-grouped white flowers, including stingless carpenter bees, bumblebees, and various flies & wasps. One particular carpenter was hovering rather close to the others (we dubbed him “Come at Me, Bro” Bee) and was dramatically grabbed up by a larger one and quickly escorted away from the bush. At this point I was within ten feet of this menagerie, interest piqued by all the action.

This was a terrible idea…

A normal bee b-lining (hahaha) toward a human usually causes distress and soon flight of both parties in opposite directions.

Not this time…

The two bees, interlocked and flying very quickly, arrived at a trajectory heading directly toward me.



This newly created Double Bee was ready to destroy any rational thought in my mind.

This veritable bee-homunculus was going to bee (sorry, another pun) the death of me.

At this newly arrived point there was no fleeing from me, and I was frozen stock-still and unable to do anything but scream like a little princess whose recently lost her most favored diamond ring. But there was no ring…

Only an orgy of baleful buzzing aimed for my head…

Luckily the battle decided to ascend and quickly flew above my head as I still attempt not to piss myself retarded, and the air-based rumble ending soon thereafter.

Drez is already IN the house, HOLDING the door SHUT!


I regain my composure within moments, and go about writing this post.

There is most likely a lesson somewhere here, but I am not thoughtful enough to realize it.

…and I have to go to work soon,


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