The house that Fisch Fail, INC. built.

Posted: September 4, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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So, we here at Fisch Fail, INC (or at least those of us that live together under one roof) are finally back online, with everything going as planned.

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say at this time… So expect a real post from me (at least) some point tomorrow.

P.S. ErinLovesTheWeb has an article or two planned, LuzOb has one or two planned, I have multiple planned. And Drezirale is M.I.A.

More on all of that later…


  1. […] Over the years, there have been many authors and contributors who have lived at The house that Fisch Fail, INC. built, and over time many of left the nest (so to speak). And now, the original member, the O.G. if you […]

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