Power, Poi, and the Thunder Gods.

Posted: September 5, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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Left 4 Dead

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So, Fisch Fail, INC experienced its first inherited issue with a majority of its authors living under one roof. That is, when something affects one of us, it affects all of us. In this case, a “short” (a little less than 24 hours), power outage.

The thing I find funny is, I was writing an AYCOoB article titled “The Storm,” when the fucking storm knocked out our power…

So, there we are patiently waiting for the power to resume (mostly, so we could get back online, since we are all addicted  that monster…), when the nighttime arrives. The fog rose, the temperature rose, and there was a feeling of “heavy static” everywhere.

Then we heard it, those first infected with the disease. “Patient Zero,” if you will. The moans grew louder, more distinct, the number of moaning “beings” increased. It became a virtual symphony. It was terrifying.

So, what do we do? ErinLovesTheWeb and myself smoked a cigarette while LuzOb ran inside to find the nearest machete…

And comes running outside with it… This is what I see flying through the air…

What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. My. Friends?

Anyways. As you all know there was no zombie outbreak (sadly enough… It was a shitty day, and I could have used the release…), so what the fuck did we hear? Some group of assholes coughing, laughing, wheezing, burping, and throwing up… I swear the shit sounded just like “Left 4 Dead.”

Seriously, I wish I could eloquently put the scene into words for you guys, but sadly enough, I cannot. That doesn’t mean that I will not try.

Image a suburban neighborhood, rendered pitch-black by Mother Nature herself. The air thick and heavy with moisture, the smell of worms, earth, and ozone filling your nostrils. The world itself filled with electricity (except where it needed to be). A fog rising from the ground like the dead that walk the night. All the neighbors lighting candles and flashlights yelling, making sure everyone else is okay. Then the zombie-like groaning started…

You can see how this could cause a sleepless night. However, that is not where this story ends…


The question is: what do three people do when there is no power in the age of technology? Simple, we play board games and dance with poi. Well, I dance with poi (but don’t I always?).

I know I’ve said it before, but there is something truly magical about doing poi in the rain. It is already the most relaxing activity I know, and somehow the rain makes it better.

So, I begin spinning, just doing what feels natural, as it feels natural. and LuzOb grabs his Djembe  and starts rocking out (inside of course).

After a few moments, I pack up and we all head inside.

It is toasty as all hell inside, like the inside of a fucking s’more. I kid you not, I was fucking melting…

We all were. Of course, the candles we had lit didn’t help, however if we wanted to see (anything at all), it was absolutely necessary, and even then we still constantly ran into shit either foot or face first. It was a rough night.

First we had the fear of a zombie outbreak (and us not yet able to fortify our home combined with the shear blistering, sweltering heat, we all had a very difficult time sleeping…

And still our tale is has not complete.

The Thunder Gods

However, before I could go to bed, I had one more adventure that I had to go on. An adventure that ended with me terrified and slightly neutral feeling.

Earlier in the day ErinLovesTheWeb and myself borrowed a car to do some light errands, however it was time to return it. Not too bad considering the owner only lived two blocks away.

I deliver the package (if you will), and begin my trek back. At about the half way point, I experienced an incredibly strange sensation.

First I lost the ability to hear in my left ear, it was ringing (which happens occasionally), then every hair on my body stood on end. I kinda looked like a pissed off cat partaking in a big of animalistic puffery. The final occurrence was a very strange pain. The fillings in my teeth felt like they were going to explode and rip out of my head.

That’s right friends, your pal fischfail was almost struck down by the Thinder Gods themselves. How fucking awesome is that?

I think though, that it is time to end this story. Stay tuned from my next post: “AYCOoB: The Storm.”


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