The house that… a contractor built but we all live in.

Posted: September 9, 2011 by drezirale in Entertainment, Family, Fisch Fail, Gaming, Humor, INC., Nerd, Random, WTF
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The opening title card for Futurama

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First off I wanted to have the title say “The house that Fisch Fail, Inc. built” but none of us have any architectural skills to my knowledge. So the title will have to do until we build a house. It’s gonna happen mother fuckers, just you wait. It’s going to be equipped with mind reading table top gaming stations, a computer that posts our thoughts automatically to Fisch Fail, Inc., and we each get our own personal toilet that will be self repairing and retrieve our dropped items for us already in pristine condition. Not only that but it will zap out poops as soon as they go in the bowl. You know what? Fuck that, it will zap our poops directly out of our anuses no matter where we are. So we don’t even have to go into any bathrooms at all. You’re welcome Fisch…

Oh and there will be weapon rooms with all the weapons ever made ever in the whole world. Also, comics, lots of comics, and video games… There will also be an anti chewy bitems shield around the house… that’s like five miles long.

But for now, I am simply stuck talking of the current less awesome but still awesome in it’s own way regular house in which we reside. I think it was one of the first times we had all been together in the same room having fun since the big move in. Either there was cleaning and unpacking to be done, schooling, or I would just disappear for a month and a half. However, we finally had a “game night” of sorts. First we all sat down and watched a popular animated show about a man who was frozen for 1000 years and now lives in the future doing intergalactic deliveries for his great (times whatever) nephew. After that we all ate vanilla wafers and graham crackers with frosting… from a bag… (awesome). To which we procedeed with the gaming, a combination of games, some liked more than others. I particularly did not like being rushed to describe a word and I’m sure Luz would agree. All and all we had fun, and learned some peculiar things about one another. Like some people, who will remain unnamed like to put chocolate in a certain hole. I’ll leave the imagination parts to you, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the mouth.


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