Profanely Powered Extra 2

Posted: September 14, 2011 by luzob in Random
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I, for the life of me, cannot recall how long it has been since I have transmitted.

I cannot remember when the last time I was aware of my surroundings.

I know it has been awhile for a few reasons.

I have grown a beard, how disgusting…

The inner workings of my room have, changed? The wallpaper, at one time a colorful shade of deep blue (how calming) is now some indeterminate neutral shade of white. My eyes are still quite blurry, and the finer details of everything around me are obscured.

There is some good news and some terrible news.

The good news is that, while specifics are sketchy, I may be mobile once again fairly soon. More on that another time.

Bad news. As I have alluded, something is very wrong about everything currently. Not just my surroundings but also my body.

They think that a lack of movement will keep me from being able to notice the itching hatred in my head. More specific, on my head.

Stitches, at least fifteen or so.

Something has happened, and while I have yet to determine what exactly is occurring (or has occurred) I will find out.

I’ll… I will… find out and kill those… motherfuckers.

This place is changing me…


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