Face Book Format change again! Stop it Zuckerberg

Posted: September 21, 2011 by MoonPie in Anger, Computers, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Humor, INC., internet, Life, Random, Writing, WTF
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is at it again with these format changes….

The thing about it is there was never any notice of
the recent change at all. I am not the biggest Facebooger but I do follow a few
things on there that I enjoy. Now I have to do all this other stuff to navigate
around the page… It’s ridiculous if you ask me!

I’ve seen quite a few people upset over it on Facebook
and all of them wish it went back to the way it was… Remember MySpace and the
constant layout and format changes? I bet you do cause you probably stopped
using the social website along with many, many others including myself.

I’m all about being consistent with activities or
projects that I work on… why  Facebook cannot
become consistent for once and improve other safety features involved in using
Facebook (aka Privacy) is beyond me…

I may just go full forward with Google + and stick
with it cause Facebook is driving me nuts!

On a side note, I, Moonpie am not ignoring the fans
out there! I promise for more post from the one and only! I work anywhere from
8-14 hours a day most times including my side work, which is diagnosing and
repairing Computers… I am pretty backed up now as it is. I am also waiting on
parts to arrive and phone calls to be made to customers of mine. Plus, I’m just
phuckin tired when I finally wine down.

Anyways thanks for stopping in and reading our Blog
here at FischFailInc

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  1. jansimson says:

    Yeah, Facebook is getting a little too complicated now. But that’s the thing: You know that you have an AWESOME business when your costumers absolutely despise it, but they still keep on buying and using your products, like McDonald’s. I hate Facebook (sort of) yet I still keep going back to it everyday. Good job, Zuckerberg….

    • MoonPie says:

      Its very complicated now! I cant see most of the updates from my FB friends and I have to search for it…
      Anyways you are right though…. its a business to make money and US facebookers just cant seem to get enough of it…. Yeah Good Job, Zuckerberg….

  2. Nhan-Fiction says:

    LOL, Facebook was FINE before the change, so now they made it … more cumbersome in my book. If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT. KTHX.

  3. luzob says:

    Haven’t seen you for awhile man. I do somewhat agree with you on the Facebook subject, but honestly I’m used to this shit from popular sites (please don’t fuck up, WordPress) and have become jaded. I just wish they would have a messaging center that would forward “Dear Facebook Fucks, we will be raping our interface in (insert time) from now, please be advised that your raging will be ignored, and remember to go fuck yourselves, Love, The ZuckerFuck”.

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