Oops, we did it again.

Posted: October 2, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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Here at Fisch Fail, INC there is a long running joke that everyone who enjoys the blog is eventually “coerced” into becoming an author. And while that is not specifically true, Fisch Fail, INC has acquired a new author that was (and hopefully) still is a huge fan of ours.

I would like to take this time to introduce our newest author, Ullersson, who has been long time fan (I think). Ullersson will have a custom signature very soon, and I am going to stop myself there. If you would like to read more about him, check out his bio here.

I hope you are all as excited about his first post as I am. We shall soon see his power.

On a side note, Ullersson also joined the AYCOoB game, which means that only MoonPie is left to join in the fun, and AYCOoB will officially be a Fisch Fail, INC. authors game. Fuck yeah!


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