AYCOoB: Something bad has happened… Part 3

Posted: October 3, 2011 by fischfail in Gaming, Nerd
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Hello, this is part of an ongoing mini-series, please make sure to read the first chapters before continuing. They can be found at part 1 and part 2. If you are a returning reader, thank you for sticking with this series for this long.

Looking back now, I distinctly remember a small, dim light. I stepped inside, the helmet immediately switched to night vision mode. And then the world briefly exploded, the helmet switched to blackout mode, it muted the outside world, locked down, and started pumping pure, clean oxygen into my lungs. Someone set off a toxic flash grenade. My helmet saved my life once again.

Lot of good it did me. I still couldn’t see, hear, or smell anything outside the helmet. Then I felt an explosion of force at the back of my neck… I was falling into a bottomless pit of nothing…

And then I was back, there was a white-hot, searing pain in my right arm, in my bicep. I screamed, I was falling backwards, I felt dizzy, and my body was burning and freezing at the same time. What the fuck just happened?

Then there was silence and my helmet slowly exited blackout mode, I could see the ceiling arching high above. I lifted my head and such an immediate sense of vertigo caused me to vomit. Just my luck… The fucking helmet was still locked into place…

After a few moments, I lifted my head; my arm was still burning hot. I couldn’t see my hand, and I figured it out. When I fell, I landed on my hand, probably breaking a bone, and the damn thing was lodged under me. The helmet opened itself: I sat up. “John” was standing there with a pile a burned, charred shit around him. The smell hit me and I vomited again. It was something I had experienced before. Something that had happened to me before…

It was charred flesh.

I was finally able to stand up, I felt strangely unbalanced, and this fucking broken bone HAD to be fixed… I noticed something on the ground; it was an arm, separated in the…… forearm, still holding a bomb, still wearing a ring…

Still holding my bomb and wearing the ring that “Baby Doll” had given me… I looked at it with confusion; this had to be a dream. My arm was burning again, I looked down not expecting to find anything… And I wasn’t disappointed.

That was when I fainted…

I woke some time later, I could hear a faint beeping that was steadily growing louder, and it was drilling into my head. A steady, grating sound, which I would have killed to stop… And then it stopped just as suddenly as it had started.

I noticed my helmet was no longer in place; I was also stripped down to my pants and boots. I could hear “John,” but he sounded far away, and like he was under water.

He was standing right next to the bed, after focusing for a few minutes; I was able to start making out what he was saying…  “…… to me.  S3v3n, if you can hear what I am … reply to me. Speaking will be no …, you just have to think about it.” I wanted to scream that I was fine, but I found it difficult. I focused on the innate ability to speak.

“…hut up! You fuckin……” My voice sounded strange and it was painful to speak, the helmet had obviously not stopped the flash bang in time. I wanted to ask what the fuck happened, but I was back asleep…

I have no idea how long I was out this time, but when I woke up, I found myself starving and actually able to ask for food, I noticed something still sounded strange with my voice. Maybe food will help.

“John” brought me some food, some sort of high protein meal. It tasted like fucking chalk, but I felt better almost immediately, with the exceptions being my throat and arm…

My arm! I had forgotten about my fucking arm, I tried to lift it and found it secured to my body…

“What the fuck happened to me?” I was hardly able to ask the entire question, I started feeling dizzy again. I set my head down.

“S3v3n, I am sorry about what has happened to you. There was a group of rogue individuals who somehow made it past the first barrier of the forum. They apparently waited in darkness for the first signs of entry. Their plans were to take whoever walked through the door hostage and gain admission into the forum. I promise you, you are safe now, this should have never happened, and I am sorry you were caught in the crossfire. Most of the forum is scouring the area for a missing system, the one that is believed to have allowed the group admission in the first place.

You may find it hard to speak for a few days; we had to replace your vocal cords with a voice synthesizer. Try and rest for the next few days, they are going to be rough for your body.” He was still speaking, but I was falling back asleep, I doubt anything else he said had importance. After all, he told me everything I needed to hear…

“John” was still standing there when I woke up again. I was able to sit up, and even though my arm was still wrapped to my body, I knew that it ended in the middle of the bicep…

Great, a cripple in the world where any single handicap means death… “Am I allowed to stand up and walk around? Or is that against some fucked up rules?” I sounded harsher than I had meant, but I wasn’t in a good place.

“John” signaled to someone with his hand and few people approached me. Great, just how I wanted to die… A fucking cripple getting gang raped in some shit hole by a bunch of fucking slaves…

They helped me stand up; my legs were weak and shaky. Thankfully the supported my body, thankfully I didn’t fall again.

They helped me walk for about a hour, a group of passive souls helping the weak. I almost fell several times, but they never let me actually hit the ground. I can’t being to explain the joy I felt at actually being helped for once in life.

They finally let me go, I made it about ten steps on my own before my right leg faltered and I was lying on my face down on the cold concrete. I screamed, my throat seared in pain… I only wished for death…

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