Now I Want the Water, To Wash Away All My Sins…

Posted: October 13, 2011 by luzob in Random
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kitten burrito

We all feel like this... (Image by *lalalaurie via Flickr)

This will be my first (and hopefully not last) State of the Blog Address.

Here at the ‘Inc. we’ve been dealing with various issues.

Half of the entire crew has been sick physically, and I could say that almost all of us have been dealing with afflictions of the mental sort. Some of us are having computer issues, and others are figuring out brand new systems. Coping mechanisms have been running rampart around here, more smoking, more gaming, etc. and less attention to our beautiful blog and super sexy readers.

I personally want to apologize to everyone, authors and readers alike, due to the content I’ve either half-assed or omitted from the blog (I didn’t erase anything [this time] I simply haven’t posted anything too momentous as of late).

You’ve all been quite faithful to the cause and I believe a reward is in order. Not some shitty “maybe/maybe not” pledge, but something worth staying around for.

We really do appreiciate all those who Stumble/Google/Facebook upon our entries, and we (as always) are enthralled by those who’ve been with us since the beginning.

Soon we will have a recognization page for those who stick around, and I’ll personally see to it, as Mr. Fail doesn’t have to do all the work…

…and he does.

If there is any way that Fisch Fail, INC. can create a better experience for those who view our entries, let us know!

My personal goals for FFI:

Recog page for long-time fans.

Finally filling in my bio.

More consistency in my posting in terms of time and content.

ProPow and AYCOoB additions (maybe their own page).

A surprise on the way…

Okay, now that that’s over, I would love to propose an idea to everyone:

The most-likely situation is that I will be spending Halloween Day with Ms. Elms, but that doesn’t mean we cannot have…


…on one of the days before/after.

 I think a nice shindig would help all the tension/stress the entire crew is feeling, so give us some love, and information and if you’re a local ‘FischFailure’ come on by during (date TBA) for the celebration!


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