I’m not going to let this pass me by.

Posted: November 1, 2011 by fischfail in Random
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So another Halloween has come and gone, and the house of Fisch Fail, INC should be getting back to normal (i.e. posting regularly or something…). Either way, I’ve got a story for you guys and plenty of pictures from the past few days, all with there own stories and anecdotes. So without wasting any more time, let us begin…

Amazing strong, yet fragile at the same time…

I’ve always found joy in new challenges, take poi for example; a fairly easy activity that makes you consider how the body moves and at the same time you clear your mind. In all honesty, and you can ask every member of Fisch Fail, INC, but I am happiest when spinning. But, I’m derailing myself here…

Well, I’ve tried a new task, one that has always intrigued me, yet never attempted because it would be “too tough for me to do,” rock stacking. Seriously, rock stacking has always been in the back of my mind as one of those stressful hobbies that only strange people even attempt.

Well, you can call me strange, because not only did I try it, I found it surprisingly relaxing. Seriously, I don’t even know where I got the idea to try it.  Below is the first stack I completed, granted it was easy mode, but that is not the only stack I tried…

First attempt

Seriously, rock stacking is amazing, you find a naturally formed rock whose shape has no rhyme or reason, find the magical point of balance, and carefully set it atop another piece of chunky earth vomit (bet you never look at rocks the same again!)

Second try

Seriously, I’ve built my far share of card houses and done a decent amount of balancing chairs in various positions, but rock stacking makes those things elementary in comparison. With a house of cards, depending on your base, you have some room for error. With rock stacking, there is no forgiveness, one bad placement, and the entire pile comes tumbling down like tiny wrecking balls of hatred.

It really is quite a thrill to take something so naturally organic and strong (as an individual unit) and construct a sculpture that is amazingly fragile.

It kinda makes you wonder…

And now, an equally relaxing and beautiful picture.

What the hell are we doing with our lives?

So, the following is a collection of pictures from the past few days…

First I’m going to show you the pictures, let them sink in for a moment, and then tell you the story behind them.

Ignore the dripping on the counter... I think someone was stoned...

Give those some time to sink in yet?

Good, the first one is LuzOb’s method of making the George Foreman apply more pressure to whatever the hell he was cooking.

The second, third, and fourth image is a concoction we dubbed “Ugha-Buh.” A hell-drink created by us because we wanted to drink (and get drunk) but had no good alcohol in the house… I advise none of you to ever try that devil-piss… Especially two or three days in a row… Ugha-buh is fucking right…

I honestly have no idea where this next picture came from, but it is golden and needs to be in existence… I will probably regret it in the future, but for now, I have no boundaries…

A now, a picture of Fisch Fail, INC’s latest author: Ullersson… In pseudo-Drezirale garb…

Speaking of Drezirale, let’s see his Halloween costume.

I Liek Tortles!

He is not drunk or high, he is just naturally dopey looking… I think it comes from the daily beatings from LuzOb and myself…

I had to recently say goodbye to an old friend and has helped me in many times of need. A friend who had mostly been there for me, but every now and then just disappeared. The other day was different: this time is forever… I will miss you, you fucker…

And a picture of the last passenger of the fisch-mobile… Since I don’t know their name, I have dubbed her Jess…

Rest in peace, fisch-mobile… 2002-2011, you will be remembered…

The house of Fisch Fail, INC decided to carve some fucking pumpkins for Halloween… Check these bastards outs… They are pretty fucking sweet.


Drezirale at night. Fucking would not let me get a decent fucking picture...

ErinLovesTheWeb's Plants vs. Zombies inspired pumpkin.

Again, the fucking blur...


Check out those fucking claw marks.

As a bonus, you also get Tawb's pumpkin

I am not really sure what happened to the picture of Whispering Elms’ pumpkin, maybe LuzOb has it…

Now, as a bonus, you get pictures that ErinLovesTheWeb took of a derpy cat… Have fun.

I think that is all the pictures I have for you greedy bastards, this time around. I will see you guys later. Until then, have fun, laugh a little bit, and stop being angry at everything…

  1. luzob says:

    I AM BACK! for now… also I have Elms’ pumpkin pics, and a couple more, that i will be posting some time soon.

  2. Elms says:

    i took my pumpkin home with me 😦

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