Talos Be Praised!

Posted: December 1, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Oh lord… another Skyrim post?!?

Yes and no… This one’s about…


So we are about to make some Elder Scrolls cocktails… and I believe we have one of them. Partially invented by Drez, myself, and a non-wordpress friend (yes, we have those) and hopefully experimented with and improved eventually here is…


Dragon’s Milk beer
Viking Blod mead

This drink (so far) is a 1:1 that is served in an old-fashioned and garnished with the carpeting as you  hit the floor after a dozen or so…


– we here at FFI do not condone the over-consumption of substances which may make you dumber –

Okay, not that that’s done… I suppose just stir that ol’ boy up and drink it down…

Not exactly the cheapest combo, but in theory should be somewhat tasty… or at least do the trick.

I’m in class, so I should do class work… So drink well, and responsibly, Failers.


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