I Forgot Who I was, and I Forgot She was There, For Me

Posted: December 8, 2011 by luzob in Random
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fishing rods
Image by jamestee via Flickr

Diving Into Fantasy


I want to feel the saline breeze from a seaside shore…

To wake up every day…

…in a manor, in a shack… it doesn’t matter…

…to the sound of waves kissing the eroding stone.

I want to get out of bed and embrace the ocean.

A sip of fresh tea to heighten my senses.


To pick up a simple fishing pole…

…and waste a handful of hours.

Breakfast is shared with a view…

…that most will see on postcards and inspirational calendars.

I wish to start every day this way.

Away from houses overcrowded with the mundane gasps of humanity solidified in desperation.

Away from those with everything… but have hate in their hearts… because their neighbor has so much more.

Maybe I want a wooden vessel that would allow me to be completely enmeshed with the sea, would you hate me such fancy?

You would love or hate me for eternity…

…if you only knew…

…how much I want this…

  1. luzob says:

    Whoa man… got all weird for a sec… oh well… deal with it

  2. MoonPie says:

    Yeah Deal wit it!

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