Not For the Weak of Constitution (or Wisdom)

Posted: December 31, 2011 by luzob in Random
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I hope you can feel my wrath eventually…

It should be sunny that day, so you can have the hope of a decent morning before you lament my arrival.

This could be at any moment…

I wonder often how you will be destroyed.

A deluge of your own entrails upon the sidewalk in front of you…

…glistening in the noon-day sun.

Man that would be great… to be holding the crowbar that happened to become the last thing to pass through your mind…

…through your fucking skull…

I’m pretty sure I could end you with the swing of a bat.

Brass knuckles would leave…

…quite the impression upon you.

Fuck with me some more, motherfucker, and see how long you survive.


Gods I need to stop playing zombie games.


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