My name… Colonel Mustard

Posted: January 10, 2012 by fischfail in Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Gaming, Humor, internet, Life, Nerd
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Actually, no it isn’t, it never will be, and if you call me that I might have to hunt you down and kill you…

Gandalf the Grey

Or just ignore the comment. It all depends on how I feel at the exact moment.

So, yeah, I’ve been gone for quite some time… Can’t really say where I’ve been, or where I will go. I promised I would make a return, and here I am, motherfucking fischfail in the flesh (kinda).

Either way, I will be making a grand return (this one is complete shit, and if you disagree I might have to punch you in the gizzards) in the next week (tomorrow seems like a strong possibility).

As a side note, AYCOoB shit should be posted soon, and I’ve got a few stories in reserves for the fuckers.

Fuck! I’ve missed you assholes, this one is for the win.

Either way, I have hoping that my return will inspire the forces of Fisch Fail, INC to stand up and fight. So think of me and Gandalf, bitch.

And remember, when Gandalf inspires people to stand up and fight, he’s actually singing:




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