LuzOb-Literations 2

Posted: January 11, 2012 by luzob in Random
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so im sitting here with my kindle, and what aday its been…

yeah it was all busy and shit,but honestly being out of the old house was nice…

i really wish i could say i had a good day… but have you ever had those decent days that are obliterated from just a couple of faces?.

maybe im just being dramatic, but fuck ive been far too busy for drama as of late… i guess i was overdue…

i think when i edit this entry i will keep it mostly as is and create a new series of kindle only entries underone big title.

…they will look terrible and most likely be short,but they will be all 100% LuzOb.

edit: I figured out a title “LuzOb-Literations” has a catchy ring to it… and if I can’t do much else, I can at least make decent titles.

edited by LuzOb


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