Its the Inevitable Return of the MOONPIE!!

Posted: January 17, 2012 by MoonPie in Computers, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Food, Humor, Life, Nerd, Random, Updates
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MoonPie has finally made his return (applause) haha thanks everyone…

Now I know the other authors have been slackin as well as I have and we do apologize sincerely.

Now here’s the deal, during my hiatus I have been a busy mother phucker… Work has been kicking my ass, long hours, no sleep and once again school time Phuck!!!

I do apologize again!

On the bright side Luzob was still keeping things moving and then the Fischfail Frog had to come out recently and put the beat down on our founder Mr. Fail himself… Procrastinator…… The frog told me to say it. He is in my mind… Get the Phuck outta here…..

But we can’t blame it all on Mr. Fail, here at Fischfail Inc we are a team of authors so it all our fault for our procrastination. People do know life can get hectic and things get put on the back burner, such as post from us authors here.

I would also like to tell everyone I am taking a Data Forensics class, which seems is sweet and then I have a Management class ughhh!!!

I will overcome….

Quick Fact! Did you all know MoonPie (me) and Mr. Fail are computer nerds and we know a lot about computers and repairs. If you ever have a computer related question all you have to do is ask…. We love it! Seriously.

Until next time readers Moon Pie is out, Cornish Hens are on the menu mmmmmm!


  1. luzob says:

    That frawg’s fucking crazy man… I saw Mr. Fail cowering in a corner the other day… just whispering “ribbit… ribbit…” over and over…

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