Stand Up and See The Sky Turn Bright!

Posted: January 25, 2012 by luzob in Random
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So I’ve been reading a lot of suvivalist/self-defense manuals as of late (more on the specifics later) and it really makes me think about how truly unprepared I am.

Unprepared for what, you may ask?


If my house happened to collapse (a very real possibility)…

If I were mugged by someone who would just kill me anyway…

If I found myself stranded in a location both remote and unsavory…

If Chuck Norris knocked on my door…

Well I’d be pretty much fucked if the last happened despite preparation… but seriously.

I live my fucking life now… I don’t just meander through my bleak existence like so many leaves blown in an unpredictable gale!

I need to figure out how to become more epic than I currently am…

…this could be difficult.

We’ll just have too see where this goes…






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