I’m in a hurry to get things done a lot…

Posted: February 1, 2012 by fischfail in Entertainment, Life, Personal, Random
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(Note: This was supposed to be posted months ago, before the house that Fisch Fail, INC. was even built…)

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Yes, those are Alabama lyrics on the one and only Fisch Fail, INC. blog. But we have all been there, there’s just too much to do in the day, we rush from task to task in hopes of a little free time in the end. Rushing and rushing until life is no fun anymore.

And that my friends, is what happened to your pal Fischfail. Grown up life just got in the way… And it was terrible, my back started fucking up again, I stopped talking to people, I stopped smiling, laughing. You name it, and I probably stopped doing it.

Hell, I stopped spinning for a long enough period, the poi felt awkward to hold once again… I am just now getting to the point where I can enjoy my life once more, things started turning around. You can ask ErinLovesTheWeb, and she will confirm things did a proverbial “about-face” with me, almost overnight.

However, things quickly sunk once more and I drifted further into depression, anxiety, and confusion. Even MoonPie saw that I appeared to be happy once more. But things once again managed to take a nose dive back into the negative region. For example, in the past several days, my poi spinning has just been terrible… I’m messing up tricks that I have been able to do since the beginning of my poi adventure. Hell, even simple spinning is difficult for me currently.

I know Fisch Fail, INC. is supposed to be all about fun, and I really do live a greater, more satisfying life. However, we all get into these funks, where nothing is even possible. I personally happen to drift in and out of them. And if that isn’t clear enough by now, maybe you should check out the posts titled “Have you ever?” and “Scream and shout until it all comes out…”

But in all honesty, my life is pretty awesome currently, even with a state of emotions that are rougher than a woodshop student’s first project. I mean I have things rather easy, and yet something is missing. Something that I cannot quite my finger on… Maybe I spend too much time worrying about shit that doesn’t need to be worried about. Or maybe I just don’t get enough “me” time.

Maybe it is time for me to take a step away from the online world, and get reacquainted with myself. Just step away from technology and people for a week (it is not that hard, I’ve done it before, there is even a post on here somewhere…), and breathe, take it all in, and relax.

So my friends, I think this will be my last post for a week or so. In fact, there is a strong chance that I will not appear in that time on any of the medians which I am usually available (this includes cell phone).  All I ask is: 1) the authors of Fisch Fail, INC remain vigilant in bringing you the most up to date stories available, and 2) you guys continue reading and checking us out.

But for now, it is time for me to step away. I will see you all in the future….

Sincerely, Fischfail



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