Put your money where your phuckin mouth is!

Posted: February 5, 2012 by MoonPie in Alcohol, Anger, Entertainment, Fisch Fail, Humor, Random, Sports, Writing
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Anyways how are all of you reader out there doing?
You know its Super Bowl Sunday and I don’t expect a lot of readers today,
except maybe the ones who are only watching it for the commercials like me lol!

I am just going to sit back and relax and watch the game since I am completely done with one class worths
of homework! Wahoo!

Last night was also interesting, went to a friends thinking cool, about to get my Drank on and play poker (which by the way I hate). unfortunately we didn’t get that far and arguing ensued from there and all I can remember is one person saying “Put your fucking money where your mouth is” and BAM fist are flying everywhere.
Ha I was like a banana and split, don’t get me involved with yo drama. Needless to say it was a fun night and I may just return soon!

Anyways this was another public service announcement brought to in part by Fisch Fail Inc and of course:


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