What the hell was I saying?

Posted: February 8, 2012 by fischfail in Random
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So, it is 8:44 in the morning (my time of course), and instead of sleeping or doing homework (both very good ideas for me at thisjean-claude-van-damme-sarah-ball point), I instead am listening to Security Now! (most of you probably will not enjoy), and reading through some old posts of ours…

All I can say is: what. the fuck?

Seriously, apparently half the stories I have ever written were done while I was on crack (something, I don’t partake in, but generally won’t tell if you do… or something).

I mean, maybe you guys haven’t read every one of our 500 entries, or maybe you just don’t remember some of them. Or whatever.

But shit, I really forgot my dad thinks Jean Claude Van Damme is the best actor in the world (I’m still not sure how that is even remotely possible),

Or that Breeish (our famed stalker) wrote a story about her attachment to porn.

Or that Drezirale has literally stated ” I plunge my hands into my poop soup, yes I know I used this term before but I don’t really poop solid. Get over it.”

No, wonder no one loves us… But if you do, feel free to read any of the articles you guys might have missed, or subscribe. I promise that we do post a lot of really awesome… things.

  1. I personally enjoy reading the articles, a lot of times they are very unique! Yet, there are those other times I am like you really posted that lol…. Everyone should look forward to whats coming next…. you know why? Your antcipation for what crazy thing we are going to talk about next in our post as you wait for the slow authors here to get off their ass….. to post something!

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