Dogs of War…

Posted: February 13, 2012 by fischfail in Death, Life
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14 years ago, my little sister was involved in a vicious dog attack that left her permanently scarred for the rest of her life. For the next four years, she could not go anywhere near any thing that had anything resembling teeth. Even pictures of animals with the teeth barred scared her.

4 years later, she was finally able to own a new animal. I was a Pokémon tournament, my parents and sister went to the humane society, and she picked out, what was probably the dumbest dog of the bunch…

A beagle / dachshund breed of moron. This little asshole was named Jake, and he had a red bandana. My sister loved him like no other. However the name Jake would never would for her first dog, let me introduce: Pooch.

When we first got this little shit monster, he was absolutely in a shitty predicament. A dog that could not be anywhere near a lit cigarette or a rolled up newspaper. In fact, if either occurred, pooch would disappear under a bed for multiple hours, not to be seen again until all threats were removed.

Fast forward 10 years, and he is starting to have major health problems: a bad hip, cracked paws, bleeding pustules. a giant growth on his chest, bladder issues, etc. However, all through this he didn’t show signs of suffering. He was still in a good place.

But then, things changed. 20 minutes ago, I received a call from my parents, Pooch has to be put down. The growth on his chest (which has grown at an almost exponential rate), has started bleeding.

I unfortunately, am the one who has to take him in.

In about 15 hours, I will leave Pooch behind forever.

You’ve had a good life, bud. But, now it is time to rest easy.


  1. fischfail says:

    I could literally have spent days talking about some of the antics of that little shit…

  2. luzob says:

    You should talk about it… if I could make a post… no… two posts about a rat, you can make a book about the stubby-legged little awesome-beasty. My condolences homie.

  3. MoonPie says:

    Sorry for the loss brother

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