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So, after yesterdays post of sadness, I decided to make this one… According to the Internet, blog readers love lists. I know, I persoEnglish: Logo of .nally almost always read lists when I come to one (Side note: Fuck you cracked.com, for making me waste hours and hours reading your fucking lists, except we are way cooler).

So, in case you might have missed them, I leave you a list of our top posts over the last two years, in order… Strangely enough, most are made by MoonPie.

10. Art for the Sake of Art – Ullersson

9. I Ate an Author Today – LuzOb

8. FFI is Getting Weird – LuzOb

7. Do You Really Know if Your Private Information is Secure? – MoonPie

6. So Sad… Dear Mommy and Daddy – MoonPie

5. Have You Ever? – fischfail

4. We’ll Hop Hop Hop Hop… What D’ya Say? – LuzOb

3. Facebook Format Change Again! Stop it Zuckerberg – MoonPie

2. The Good Guys Always Seem to Finish Last… Whys That? – MoonPie

1. Do You Know the MUFFIN MAN? – MoonPie

There you have it. Our top ten most views posts since we started almost two years ago. Hopefully, you guys have already seen all those, but if you have not, there they are.


  1. MoonPie says:

    Strangely enough aye!

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