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This is the third installment of my pictophone series. This booklet comes from the very awesome B.E.N. (whose name may change in

the future)…

Either way, here we go. And once again, I will make sure to make captions for the written pieces of artwork.


I am a jelly donut



I am singing about a box of raisins



Sing take me out to the ballgame



Singing baseball player



I’m not exactly sure what happened here, but it says “I sing while playing baseball”


Ten more image brought to you by the game called pictophone. And now you all know that the phrase “I am a jelly doughnut” directly translates to a screaming man with a gigantic misshapen club-like penis singing while a baseball hurls towards him.

For some bonus content for you guys, I leave you this.

And that is it for me for today. Keep being fucking awesome you guys.

  1. I love this game! I play it with my English classes often and it always gets a laugh!

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