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Just for you Drezirale… I know how much you love that song…

Let's Get Down

Let's Get Down (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Either way, I am back now (we had some issues surrounding wireless that I could not fix…), and now

lets resume where we left off…

Yet another Pictophone booklet, this one was started by the very amazing ErinLovesTheWeb..


I don’t think We’re in Kansas anymore.



Don’t think about shoes or the dog will bite you.



A man is scared of having children which is like a giant ugly animal biting your arm (a dog maybe?)



Men who have twins get eaten by dogs.



Two men watching two men getting eaten by a dog

There it is, the fourth posting of this series (only one to go, currently).

Oh! For for all the cool kids out there… Or something:

P.S. I am not really sure why we have a picture of Bow Wow on our blog…

  1. briebananafana@yahoo.com says:

    Damn you, damn you all! Now I need to play pictophone!

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