But We Will Never See Our Native Country Again…

Posted: April 4, 2012 by luzob in Random
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One sole man, face creased with age and sorrow, stands across a fjord, and ponders upon Fate’s cruel sense of humor.

Long Horned European Wild Ox (aurochs)

Long Horned European Wild Ox (aurochs) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He has felt the frigid salt-kissed breeze through his bones for many decades, yet today is the coldest he has ever been.

Often the sounds of wild aurochs would give him comfort and remind him of home, but not today, for he has no place to lay his head now.

This man, while knowing the Gods are still with him, wonders what he has done to anger them so.

He casts the symbols of his ancestors that vigilantly rest in a bag upon a stone flattened by the elements. Never has the world seen a more somber expression upon the visage of a mortal, and with the ritual complete he sets upon a journey no man should undertake.

To see what he understands is to walk by his side, to feel his pain, and to know true despondency.




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