The Signs are all around you!

Posted: April 5, 2012 by MoonPie in Anger, Computers, Drugs, Family, Fisch Fail, fischfail, Health, Humor, Life, MoonPie, Personal, Random, Uncategorized, Writing, WTF
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Have you ever wondered if you scare people unintentionally? Would it be because of the way you look such as a Big Chest, wide pose, and a grim look on your face like the Undertaker? Where people around you feel safe because you look scary, or would it be that you are kind of diggin someone special and have got too clingy. Like whipping out your junk and swinging it around in front of people. Oh never mind that last comment! That would definitely scare people away! Lol!

Where is that line drawn between scaring someone and trying to get closer? It seems lately that the people in your life who you think are close are moving farther away. Are people really that scared? Deep down I know I am but fight to stay close to those I care for.

Now I don’t think I am scaring people away from me but scaring myself away from people. WTF am I afraid of?

Sometimes I just want  left alone and not bothered by anyone or thing. Yet, when the tables are turned there is no one there for me to talk to. Maybe I set myself up for failure without realizing it?

Who knows! Maybe I need a Zanax!

Guess I will just take it day by day like I have been.

Later dudes!


  1. luzob says:

    Pushing people away, i get it.
    Scaring those who are new or close to you, i get that too.
    Fear of those who are new or close to you, check-a-roo.

    I feel this post more than any in a long while, and it’s good to see a Mr. Pie post. Keep it up, both the posting and your head.

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